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Fresno Unified - Fresno, California - Public School District

Phone - 559-457-3000
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Fresno Unified School District

Public Schools in This District

Addams Elementary
Addicot (irwin O.)
Ahwahnee Middle
Anthony (susan B.) Elementary
Ayer Elementary
Aynesworth Elementary
Baird Middle
Balderas (ezekiel) Elementary
Birney Elementary
Bullard High
Bullard Talent Project
Burroughs Elementary
Calwa Elementary
Cambridge Continuation High
Carter G. Woodson Public Charter
Carver Academy (middle)
Centennial Elementary
Center For Advanced Technology
Columbia Elementary
Cooper Middle
Cornerstone Academy
Dailey Elementary
Del Mar Elementary
Dewolf Continuation High
Dewolf West High
Duncan (erma) Polytechnical High
Easterby Elementary
Eaton Elementary
Edison Computech
Edison High
Ericson Elementary
Ewing Elementary
Figarden Elementary
Forkner Elementary
Fort Miller Preparatory Middle
Fremont Elementary
Fresno High
Fresno Prep Academy
Fulton Special Education
Gibson Elementary
Greenberg (david L.) Elementary
Hamilton Elementary
Heaton Elementary
Herbert Hoover High
Hidalgo (miguel) Elementary
Holland Elementary
Homan Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
King Elementary
Kings Canyon Middle
Kirk Elementary
Kratt Elementary
Lane Elementary
Lawless Elementary
Leavenworth (ann B.) Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lowell Elementary
Malloch Elementary
Manchester Gate
Mayfair Elementary
Mccardle Elementary
Mclane High
Muir Elementary
New Horizon High School
New Millenium Charter
Norseman Elementary
Northstar High School Academy
Phoenix Elementary Academy Community Day School
Pinnacle Middle School Academy Community Day Schoo
Powers-Ginsburg Elementary
Pyle Elementary
Rata (florence E.)
Robinson Elementary
Roeding Elementary
Roosevelt Continuation
Roosevelt High
Rowell Elementary
Scandinavian Middle
School Of Unlimited Learning
Sequoia Middle
Slater Elementary
Starr Elementary
Storey (edith B.) Elementary
Sunnyside High
Sunset Elementary
Tehipite Middle
Tenaya Middle
Terronez (elizabeth) Middle
Thomas Elementary
Tioga Middle
Turner Elementary
Viking Elementary
Vinland Elementary
Wawona Middle
Webster Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Winchell Elementary
Wishon Elementary
Wolters Elementary
Year-Round Achievement Center At Southeast
Yosemite Middle
Young (j.e.) Academic Center
Fresno Unified School District Data
County of Location: Fresno
Number of Schools in This District: 103
Student/Teacher ratio: 21.2
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 81,408
Total Males: 41,517
Total Females: 39,879
American Indian Students: 592
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 13,504
African Americans: 9,344
Hispanic: 43,740
White: 14,216
Total Staff: 7,390
Fulltime Teachers: 3,927
Ungraded Teachers: 442
Pre Kindergarten Teachers:
Kindergarten Teachers: 293
Elementary Teachers: 2,319
Secondary Teachers: 873
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 28
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 53
Total Guidance Counselors: 81
LEA Administrators: 10
School Administrators: 108
LEA Admin Support Staff: 292
School Admin Support Staff: 458
Student Support Services Staff: 331
Other Support Staff: 1,096
Library Media Support Staff:
Librarians Media Specialists: 23
Instructional Aides - Total: 887
Instructional Coordinators: 179

Fresno Unified School District Headquarters Map