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Long Beach Unified - Long Beach, California - Public School District

Phone - 562-997-8000
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Long Beach Unified School District

Public Schools in This District

Addams Elementary
Alvarado (juan Bautista) Elementary
Avalon (k-12)
Bancroft Middle
Barton Elementary
Birney Elementary
Bixby Elementary
Bryant Elementary
Buffum Elementary
Burbank Elementary
Burcham Elementary
Burnett Elementary
Burroughs Elementary
Butler (mary) Elementary
Cabrillo (juan Rodriguez) High
California Academy Of Mathematics & Science
Carver Elementary
Cleveland Elementary
Constellation Community Middle (char)
Cubberley Elementary
Demille Middle
Edison Elementary
Educational Partnership High (ind. Study)
Emerson Elementary
Focus Community Day
Franklin Middle
Fremont Elementary
Gant Elementary
Garfield Elementary
Gompers Elementary
Grant Elementary
Hamilton Middle
Harte Elementary
Henry Elementary
Hill Middle
Holmes Elementary
Hoover Middle
Hudson Elementary
Hughes Middle
International Elementary
Jefferson Leadership Academies
Jordan High
Keller Elementary
Kettering Elementary
King Elementary
Lafayette Elementary
Lakewood High
Lee Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Lindbergh Middle
Longfellow Elementary
Los Cerritos Elementary
Lowell Elementary
Macarthur Elementary
Madison Elementary
Mann Elementary
Marshall Middle
Mckinley Elementary
Millikan Senior High
Monroe Elementary
Muir Elementary
Naples Elementary
New City
Newcomb Elementary
Pacific Learning Center Charter
Polytechnic High
Powell (colin L.) Academy For Success
Prisk Elementary
Promise Academy
Reid Senior High (cont.)
Renaissance Career Academy
Riley Elementary
Robinson (jackie) Elementary
Rogers Middle
Roosevelt Elementary
Savannah Academy (grade 9)
Select Community Day
Signal Hill Elementary
Stanford Middle
Stephens Middle
Stevenson Elementary
Sutter Elementary
Tincher Elementary
Tucker Elementary
Twain Elementary
Two Harbors Elementary
Washington Middle
Webster Elementary
Whittier Elementary
Willard Elementary
Wilson High
Long Beach Unified School District Data
County of Location: Los Angeles
Number of Schools in This District: 91
Student/Teacher ratio: 22.2
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 97,560
Total Males: 49,690
Total Females: 47,773
American Indian Students: 286
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 14,769
African Americans: 18,160
Hispanic: 47,783
White: 16,465
Total Staff: 9,436
Fulltime Teachers: 4,439
Ungraded Teachers: 64
Pre Kindergarten Teachers:
Kindergarten Teachers: 354
Elementary Teachers: 2,982
Secondary Teachers: 1,040
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 93
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 74
Total Guidance Counselors: 166
LEA Administrators: 15
School Administrators: 141
LEA Admin Support Staff: 295
School Admin Support Staff: 355
Student Support Services Staff: 395
Other Support Staff: 2,434
Library Media Support Staff:
Librarians Media Specialists: 66
Instructional Aides - Total: 1,034
Instructional Coordinators: 96

Long Beach Unified School District Headquarters Map