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Garden Grove Unified - Garden Grove, California - Public School District

Phone - 714-663-6000
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Garden Grove Unified School District

Public Schools in This District

Alamitos Intermediate
Allen (ethan B.) Elementary
Anthony (susan B.) Elementary
Barker (loyal) Elementary
Bell (hilton D.) Intermediate
Bolsa Grande High
Brookhurst Elementary
Bryant Elementary
Carrillo (leo) Elementary
Carver (mabel) Elementary
Clinton-Mendenhall Elemtnary
Cook (a. J.) Elementary
Crosby (genevieve M.) Elementary
Doig (leroy L.) Intermediate
Eisenhower (dwight D.) Elementary
Enders Elementary
Evans (ethel M.) Elementary
Excelsior Elementary
Faylane Elementary
Fitz (stephen R.) Intermediate
Garden Grove High
Garden Park Elementary
Gilbert Elementary
Hazard (r. F.) Elementary
Heritage Elementary
Hill (merton E.) Elementary
Irvine (james) Intermediate
Jordan (donald S.) Intermediate
Jordan Secondary Learning Cent
LA Quinta High
Lawrence (ernest O.) Elementary
Lincoln High School-Continuation
Los Amigos High
Luis Lake Intermediate
Marie L. Hare Continuation High School
Mark Twain Special Center
Marshall (john) Elementary
Mcgarvin (sarah) Intermediate
Mitchell Elementary
Monroe (james) Elementary
Morningside Elementary
Murdy (john) Elementary
Newhope Elementary
Northcutt (mamie L.) Elementary
Pacifica High
Paine (thomas) Elementary
Parkview Elementary
Patton Elementary
Peters (ocia A.) Elementary
Post Elementary
Ralston (dr. Walter C.) Intermediate
Rancho Alamitos High
Riverdale Elementary
Rosita Elementary
Russell (edward) Elementary
Santiago High
Simmons (linton T.) Elementary
Skylark Elementary
Stanford Elementary
Stanley (agnes Ware) Elementary
Sunnyside Elementary
Violette (c. C.) Elementary
Wakeham Elementary
Walton (izaak) Intermediate
Warren (earl) Elementary
Woodbury Elementary
Zeyen (louis G.) Elementary
Garden Grove Unified School District Data
County of Location: Orange
Number of Schools in This District: 67
Student/Teacher ratio: 23.9
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 50,172
Total Males: 25,513
Total Females: 24,659
American Indian Students: 146
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 15,005
African Americans: 552
Hispanic: 26,051
White: 8,418
Total Staff: 4,126
Fulltime Teachers: 2,138
Ungraded Teachers: 61
Pre Kindergarten Teachers:
Kindergarten Teachers: 114
Elementary Teachers: 1,446
Secondary Teachers: 518
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 10
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 26
Total Guidance Counselors: 36
LEA Administrators: 7
School Administrators: 112
LEA Admin Support Staff: 132
School Admin Support Staff: 233
Student Support Services Staff: 81
Other Support Staff: 775
Library Media Support Staff:
Librarians Media Specialists: 16
Instructional Aides - Total: 541
Instructional Coordinators: 57

Garden Grove Unified School District Headquarters Map