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California Middle Schools – S-Z – List of California Middle Schools

Middle School Listings S-Z in California
Salida Middle School - Vella Campus Salk (jonas) Altern. Middle
Salmon Creek Middle San Benancio Middle
San Fernando Middle San Jose Middle
San Lorenzo Middle School San Lorenzo Valley Junior High
San Marcos Middle San Pasqual Middle
San Ysidro Middle Sandburg Middle
Santa Barbara Charter Middle Santa Barbara Junior High
Santa FE Middle Santa FE Middle
Santa Lucia Middle Santa Rosa Middle
Santiago Middle (char) Scandinavian Middle
Scott Valley Junior High Scotts Valley Middle
Sepulveda (francisco) Middle Sequoia Middle
Sequoia Middle Sequoia Middle
Sequoia Middle Sequoia Middle
Sequoia Middle Serrano Intermediate
Serrano Middle Serrano Middle
Seven Hills Intermediate Shadow Hills Intermediate
Shandin Hills Middle Shasta Lake Middle School
Shelter Cove Sheppard (harry R.) Middle
Sheppard (william L.) Middle Shirley Rominger Intermediate
Shivela Middle Shively (dean L.) Elementary
Shorecliffs Middle Shoreline Middle
Sierra Intermediate Sierra Middle
Sierra Middle Sierra Middle
Sierra Mountain Middle Sierra Ridge Middle
Sierra Vista Intermediate Sierra Vista Junior High
Sierra Vista Junior High Sierra Vista Middle
Sierra Vista Middle Sierramont Middle
Silverado Middle Silverado Middle
Simmons (calvin) Middle Simons Middle
Sinaloa Middle Sinaloa Middle
Sisson Elementary Slater (herbert) Middle
Slauson Intermediate Smedberg (t. R.) Middle
Smith (carl) Middle Solano Middle
Somerset Middle South Fork Middle
South Gate Middle South Junior High
South Lake Middle South Pasadena Middle
South Pointe Middle South Tahoe Middle
South Valley Middle School Southridge Middle
Southwest Middle Sowers (isaac L.) Middle
Sparks Middle Spring Valley Middle
Spring View Middle Spring View Middle
Springstowne Middle Spurgeon Intermediate
Stacey Middle Standard Middle
Standley Middle Stanford (jane Lathrop) Middle
Stanford Middle Starr King Middle
Steinbeck Middle Stella Middle Charter Academy
Stephens Middle Stevenson (robert Louis) Inter
Stevenson (robert Louis) Middle Stiern (walter) Middle
Stone Valley Middle Strathmore Middle
Strawberry Elementary Sullivan (charles L.) Middle
Sullivan (norm) Middle Summerville Elem. Community Day
Summit Academy (community Day) Summit Intermediate
Sun Valley Middle Sunny Brae Middle
Sunnymead Middle Sunnyvale Middle
Sunset Elementary Surprise Valley Community Day
Susan River Community Day Sussman (edward A.) Middle
Sutter (john A.) Middle Sutter (john) Middle
Sutter Middle Sutter Middle
Suva Intermediate Suzanne Middle
Sweetwater Community Day Sycamore Junior High
Sycamore Middle Sylvan Middle
Sylvandale Junior High Taft Community Day School
Taft Middle Talbert (samuel E.) Middle
Taylor Middle Teach Elementary
Teel Middle Tehipite Middle
Temecula Middle Temple (roger W.) Intermediate
Templeton Middle Tenaya Middle
Tenaya Middle Terman Middle
Terra Cotta Middle Terrace Elementary
Terrace Hills Middle Terronez (elizabeth) Middle
Tetzlaff (martin B.) Middle Tevis Junior High
Tewinkle (charles W.) Middle The Academy
The Grove Thomas (a.m.) Middle
Thompson (fred L.) Junior High Thompson Middle
Thornton Junior High Thurston Middle
Tierra Del Sol Middle Tierra Linda Middle
Tioga Middle Toby Johnson Middle
Toll (eleanor J.) Middle H Torch Middle
Toro Canyon Middle School Townsend (robert O.) Jr. High
Toyon Middle Traweek Intermediate
Tropico Middle Truman Harry S. Middle
Tuffree (col. J. K.) Junior HI Tulare City Community Day
Tuolume County Community Middle School Turlock Junior High
Twain (mark) Jr. High Twain Harte Community Day
Twentynine Palms Junior High Twin Hills Middle
Twin Peaks Middle Twin Ridges 3R Community Day School
Tyrrell Elementary Union Hill 3R Community Day School
Union Middle University Heights Middle
Upland Junior High Upper Lake Middle
Urban Promise Academy Ustach (elizabeth) Middle
Utt (c.e.) Middle Vaca Pena Middle
Vail Ranch Middle Vallejo Middle
Valley Center Middle Valley Middle
Valley Oak Middle Valley View Middle
Valley View Middle Van Nuys Middle
Vandenberg Middle Vanguard Learning Center
Venado Middle Vernon Middle
Victor Valley Junior High View Park Preparatory Accelerated Middle
Villa (raymond A) Fundamental Intermediate Vina Danks Middle
Vineyard Jr. High Virgil Middle
Visitacion Valley Middle Vista Campana Middle
Vista Del Mar Middle School Vista Heights (middle)
Vista Verde Middle Vista Verde Middle
Vista View Middle Waite (nettie L.) Middle
Walker (joe) Middle Walker Junior High
Wallace (woodrow W.) Middle Walnut Creek Intermediate
Walters (g. M.) Junior High Walton (izaak) Intermediate
Walton Middle Wangenheim Middle
Warm Springs Middle School Warner Middle
Warren (earl) Jr. High Warren (earl) Middle
Washington Washington Academic Middle
Washington Elementary Washington Elementary
Washington Intermediate Washington Manor Middle
Washington Middle Washington Middle
Washington Middle Washington Middle
Washington Middle Washington Middle
Waterford Middle Waterloo Elementary
Wawona Middle Weaver Elementary
Webster (daniel) Middle Webster Middle
Weimar Hills Junior High Wells Intermediate
Wells Middle West Cottonwood Junior High
West Fresno Middle West Middle
West Oakland Community Westborough Middle
Westlake Middle Westside Elementary (char)
Westside Union Intermediate Whaley Middle
White (stephen M.) Middle White Hill Middle
Willard Intermediate Willard Middle
William Mendenhall Middle Williams (earle E.) Middle
Williams Elementary Williams Middle School
Willits Community Day Willow Glen Middle
Willowbrook Middle Willows Intermediate
Willows Intermediate Community Day School Willowside Middle
Wilmington Middle Wilson (woodrow) Junior High
Wilson (woodrow) Middle Wilson (woodrow) Middle
Wilson Elementary Wilson Junior High
Wilson Middle Wilson Middle
Wilson Middle Wiltsey (ray) Middle
Windsor Middle Winship Middle School
Winters Middle Winton Middle
Winton Middle Wood (charlotte) Middle
Wood (will C.) Junior High Wood (will C.) Middle
Woodbridge Middle Woodcrest Junior High
Woodlake Valley Middle Woodland Park Middle
Workman (james) Middle Worth (barbara) Junior High
Wright (arthur E.) Middle Wright (frank M.) Intermediate
Wright (orville) Middle Yokley (grace) Elementary
Yolo Middle Yorba (bernardo) Junior High
Yorba Linda Middle Yorba Middle
Yosemite Middle Young (bill E. Jr.) Middle
Ysmael Villegas Middle Yuba Gardens Intermediate