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Los Angeles County, California Public Schools

Public School Listings in the county of Los Angeles, California
Abbott (janie P.) Elementary Abc Secondary (alter.)
Academia Semillas Del Pueblo Academy Of The Canyons High
Accelerated Charter High School Accelerated School
Acton Elementary Adams (john) Elementary
Adams (john) Middle Adams (john) Middle
Adams Middle Addams (jane) Continuation
Addams (jane) Elementary Addams Elementary
Aeolian Elementary Aggeler (william Tell) Opportunity High
Aggeler Community Day School Agnes Elementary
Agoura High Agua Dulce Elementary
Alameda Elementary Albion Street Elementary
Alcott Elementary Aldama Elementary
Alexandria Avenue Elementary Alhambra High
Alhambra SD Community Day Alice C. Stelle Middle School
Aliso High (cont.) Allen Avenue Elementary
Allendale Elementary Allesandro Elementary
Allison Elementary Almondale Middle
Aloha Elementary Alondra (elem)
Alpine Elementary Alta Loma Elementary
Alta Vista Elementary Altadena Elementary
Alternative/Opportunity Alvarado (juan Bautista) Elementary
Alvarado Intermediate Amargosa Creek Middle
Ambler Avenue Elementary Amestoy Elementary
Anatola Avenue Elementary Andasol Avenue Elementary
Anderson (william) Elementary Anderson Elementary
Andres Duarte Elementary Andrews (wallen L.) N.w. Elementary
Angel's Gate (cont.) Angeles Mesa Elementary
Animo Inglewood Charter High Animo Leadership High
Ann Street Elementary Annalee Avenue Elementary
Annandale Elementary Antelope Elementary
Antelope Valley County Community Day Antelope Valley High
Anza (juan De) Elementary Anza Elementary
Apperson Street Elementary Aragon Avenue Elementary
Arcadia High Arco Iris Primary Center
Arena High (cont.) Arlington Elementary
Arlington Heights Elementary Arminta Street Elementary
Armstrong Elementary Arnold (joseph) Elementary
Arrow High (cont.) Arroyo Elementary
Arroyo High Arroyo Seco
Arroyo Seco Junior High Arroyo Vista Elementary
Artesia High Ascot Avenue Elementary
Atwater Avenue Elementary Audubon Middle
Avalon (k-12) Avalon Continuation
Avalon Gardens Elementary Azusa High
Badillo Elementary Baker Elementary
Balboa Elementary Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet Elementary
Baldwin (martha) Elementary Baldwin Academy (elem)
Baldwin Hills Elementary Baldwin Park Alternative
Baldwin Park High Baldwin Stocker Elementary
Bancroft (hubert Howe) Middle Bancroft Middle
Bandini Elementary Bandini Street Elementary
Banneker (benjamin) Special Ed. Center Banning (phineas) Senior High
Barfield (c. Joseph) Elementary Barranca Elementary
Barrel Springs Elementary Barrett (charles W.) Elmentary
Barton Elementary Barton Hill Elementary
Bassett Senior High Bassett Street Elementary
Baxter (albert) Elementary Bay Laurel Elementary
Beachy Avenue Elementary Beardslee Elementary
Beckford Avenue Elementary Beethoven Street Elementary
Bell #3 New Primary Center Bell Gardens Elementary
Bell Gardens High Bell Gardens Intermediate
Bell Senior High Bella Vista Elementary
Bellevue Primary School Bellflower Alternative Education Center
Bellflower High Bellflower Usd Intensive Learning Ctr (elem)
Belmont Senior High Belvedere Elementary
Belvedere Middle Ben Lomond Elementary
Bennett/Kew Elementary Benton (reginald M.) Middle
Berendo Middle Bertrand Avenue Elementary
Beryl Heights Elementary Bethune (mary Mcleod) Middle
Beverly Hills High Beverly Vista Elementary
Birmingham Senior High Birney (alice M.) Elementary
Birney Elementary Birney Elementary
Bitely (arlene) Elem. Bixby Elementary
Bixby Elementary Blair High
Blandford Elementary Blend (frances) Special Ed. Center
Blythe Street Elementary Bonita High
Bonita Street Elementary Bouquet Canyon Elementary
Bowman (jereann) High (cont.) Boyle Heights Continuation
Braddock Drive Elementary Bradley (tom) Environmental Science And Humanities
Bradoaks Elementary Bragg Elementary
Brainard Avenue Elementary Bravo (francisco) Medical Magnet High
Breed Street Elementary Brentwood Science
Bridge Street Elementary Bridgeport Elementary
Bridges Community Day Bright (birdielee V) Elementary
Brightwood Elementary Broad Avenue Elementary
Broadacres Avenue Elementary Broadous (hillery T.) Elementary
Broadway Elementary Brockton Avenue Elementary
Brooklyn Avenue Elementary Bryant Elementary
Bryson Avenue Elementary Buchanan Street Elementary
Bud Carson Middle Budlong Avenue Elementary
Buena Vista Elementary Buffum Elementary
Buford Elementary Bunche (ralph) Elementary
Bunche Middle Burbank (luther) Elementary
Burbank (luther) Middle Burbank (luther) Middle
Burbank Boulevard Elementary Burbank Elementary
Burbank Elementary Burbank High
Burbank Usd Community Day Burcham Elementary
Burke (osburn) Middle Burnett (peter) Elementary
Burnett Elementary Burroughs (john) Middle
Burroughs Elementary Burroughs High
Bursch (charles) Elementary Bursch Elementary
Burton Street Elementary Bushnell Way Elementary
Butler (mary) Elementary Byrd (richard E.) Middle
Cabrillo (juan Rodriguez) High Cabrillo (juan) Elementary
Cabrillo (juan) Elementary Cabrillo Avenue Elementary
Cactus Elementary Cahuenga Elementary
Calabasas High Calabash Street Elementary
Calahan Street Elementary Caldwell Street Elementary
California Academy For Liberal Studies California Academy Of Mathematics & Science
California Elementary California Elementary
California High Calle Mayor Middle
Calvert Street Elementary Camellia Avenue Elementary
Cameron Elementary Camino Grove Elementary
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Camino Nuevo Charter Academy - Middle School
Canfield Avenue Elementary Canoga Park Elementary
Canoga Park Senior High Cantara Street Elementary
Canterbury Avenue Elementary Canyon Early Learning Center
Canyon Elementary (char) Canyon High
Canyon Oaks High Canyon Springs Community Elementary
Capistrano Avenue Elementary Carlson (berenece) Home Hospital
Carmela Elementary Carmenita Middle
Carnegie (andrew) Middle Caroldale Avenue Elementary
Carpenter Avenue Elementary Carpenter Elementary
Carr (evelyn) Elementary Carson Senior High
Carson Street Elementary Carthay Center Elementary
Carver (charles J.) Elementary Carver (george Washington) Middle
Carver Elementary Carver Elementary
Carver Elementary Casimir Middle
Castaic Elementary Castaic Middle
Castelar Street Elementary Castle Heights Elementary
Castle Rock Elementary Castlebay Lane Elementary
Catskill Avenue Elementary Cds Elementary
Cds Secondary Cedarcreek Elementary
Cedargrove Elementary Cedarlane Middle
Centennial High Center Middle
Center Street Elementary Centinela Elementary
Central City Value School Central Continuation
Central Elementary Century High (cont)
Century Park Elementary Ceres Elementary
Cerritos Elementary Cerritos Elementary
Cerritos High Challenger Middle
Chandler Elementary Chaparral Elementary
Chaparral Elementary Chaparral Elementary
Chaparral High (cont.) Chaparral Middle
Chapman Elementary Charnock Road Elementary
Charter Oak High Chase Street Elementary
Chatsworth Park Elementary Chatsworth Senior High
Chavez (cesar E.) Elementary Chavez (cesar) Cont. High
Chavez (cesar) Elementary Cheremoya Avenue Elementary
Cherrylee Elementary Chester W. Nimitz Middle
Cheviot Hills Continuation Chime Charter
Chime Middle Charter School Cienega Elementary
Cimarron Avenue Elementary Cimarron Elementary
City Honors High City Of Angels (indep. Study)
City Terrace Elementary Claremont High
Clark (anderson W.) Magnet High Clarke (jack B.) High
Clay (henry) Middle Cleminson Elementary
Cleveland (grover) High Cleveland Elementary
Cleveland Elementary Clifford Street Elementary
Clifton Middle Clover Avenue Elementary
Cloverly Elementary Coeur D'alene Avenue Elementar
Cogswell Elementary Cohasset Street Elementary
Coldwater Canyon Avenue Elemen Cole (gifford C.) Middle
Colfax Avenue Elementary Coliseum Street Elementary
College View Center Collegewood Elementary
Collins (captain Raymond) Elementary Columbia Elementary
Columbus (christopher) Middle Columbus Avenue School
Columbus Continuation Columbus Elementary
Commonwealth Avenue Elementary Community Charter Middle
Community Day Community Education Center (cont)
Community Harvest Charter School Community Magnet School
Compton Avenue Elementary Compton Community Day High
Compton Community Day Middle Compton High
Condit Elementary Constellation Community Middle (char)
Coolidge Elementary Coombs (norma) Alternative
Cooper (james Fenimore) Community Day School Cornerstone At Pedregal Elementary
Cornerstone Prep Charter School Corona Avenue Elementary
Coronado Alternative Cortada Elementary
Corvallis Middle Cory (nancy) Elementary
Cottonwood Elementary Covina Elementary
Covina High Cowan Avenue Elementary
Cox (leona H.) Community Elementary Crenshaw Arts-Technology High School
Crenshaw Senior High Crescent Heights Boulevard Elementary
Crescenta Valley Senior High Cresson Elementary
Crestwood Street Elementary Crossroads Community Day School
Crossroads School (atl) Crozier (george W.) Junior High
Cubberley Elementary Cullen Elementary
Culture And Language Academy Of Success (clas) Culver City Community Day
Culver City Independent Study Culver City Middle
Culver City Senior High Culver Park Continuation High
Curtiss (glenn Hammond) Middle Cypress Elementary
Cyrus J. Morris Elementary Dahlia Heights Elementary
Daily (allan F.) High (cont.) Dalton (henry) Elementary
Dana (richard Henry) Elementar Dana (richard Henry) Middle
Dana (richard Henry) Middle Danbury (oh) Special Ed.
Danube Avenue Elementary Dapplegray Elementary
Darby Avenue Elementary Davis Middle
Dayton Heights Elementary DE Portola (gaspar) Middle
Deanza Elementary Dearborn Street Elementary
Decker Elementary Del Amo Elementary
Del Paso High (cont.) Del Rey Continuation
Del Sur Senior Elementary Del Valle Elementary
Delevan Drive Elementary Demille Middle
Dena (christopher) Elementary Denker Avenue Elementary
Desert Pathways Desert Rose Elementary
Desert Sands Charter School Desert View Elementary
Desert Winds Continuation High Dewey Avenue Elementary
Dexter (walter F.) Middle Diamond Bar High
Diamond Point Elementary Diamond Ranch High
Dickison Elementary Discovery Charter
Disney (walt) Elementary Dixie Canyon Avenue Elementary
Dodson (rudecinda Sepulveda) Middle Dolland (john) Elementary
Dolores Huerta Elementary Dolores Street Elementary
Dominguez Elementary Dominguez High
Don Benito Fundamental Dorris Place Elementary
Dorsey (susan Miller) Senior H Downey High
Downtown Business High Downtown Value School
Dr. J. Michael Mcgrath Elementary Drew (charles) Middle
Duarte High Duff (margaret) Elementary
Dulles (john Foster) Elementary Dunsmore Elementary
Durfee Elementary Durfee Elementary
Dyer Street Elementary Eagle Rock Elementary
Eagle Rock Junior-Senior High Eagle Tree Continuation
Earhart (amelia) Continuation East Los Angeles Community Day
East Middle East Whittier Middle
Eastern Community Day Eastman Avenue Elementary
Eastmont Intermediate Eastside Elementary
Eastwood Elementary Edgewood Academy (elem)
Edgewood Middle Edison (thomas A.) Middle
Edison (thomas) Elementary Edison (thomas) Elementary
Edison Elementary Edison Elementary
Edison Elementary Edison Elementary
Edmondson (earl E.) Elementary Educational Partnership High (ind. Study)
Edwards (katherine) Middle Einstein (albert) Continuation
Ekstrand (fred) Elementary EL Camino High (cont.)
EL Camino Real Senior High EL Dorado Avenue Elementary
EL Dorado Elementary EL Marino Elementary
EL Monte High EL Monte Union High School Community Day
EL Oro Way Elementary EL Rancho High
EL Rincon Elementary EL Roble Intermediate
EL Rodeo Elementary EL Segundo High
EL Segundo Middle EL Sereno Elementary
EL Sereno Middle Eliot Middle
Elizabeth Learning Center Ellington (alice M.) Elementary
Ellington (duke) High (cont.) Elliott (william F.) Elementary
Elwin Elementary Elysian Heights Elementary
Emblem Elementary Emelita Street Elementary
Emerson (ralph Waldo) Elementary Emerson (ralph Waldo) Middle
Emerson (ralph) Elementary Emerson Elementary
Emerson Elementary Emerson Middle
Emery Park Elementary Emperor Elementary
Encinita Elementary Encino Elementary
Enterprise Middle Environmental Charter
Erwin (thomas M.) Elementary Erwin Street Elementary
Escalona Elementary Eshelman Avenue Elementary
Esperanza Elementary Esperanza Elementary
Eucalyptus Elementary Euclid Avenue Elementary
Evergreen Avenue Elementary Evergreen Continuation
Evergreen Elementary Evergreen Elementary
Fair Avenue Elementary Fair Oaks Ranch Community School
Fair Valley High (cont.) Fairburn Avenue Elementary
Fairfax Senior High Fairgrove Academy (k-8)
Farjardo Elementary Farmdale Elementary
Farragut Elementary Fedde (pharis F.) Middle
Felton Elementary Fenton Avenue Elementary (char)
Fern Elementary Fernangeles Elementary
Field Elementary Fifteenth Street Elementary
Fifty-Fourth Street Elementary Fifty-Ninth Street Elementary
Fifty-Second Street Elementary Figueroa Street Elementary
First Avenue Middle First Street Elementary
Fishburn Avenue Elementary Fleming (alexander) Middle
Fletcher Drive Elementary Florence Avenue Elementary
Flournoy (lovelia P.) Elementary Focus Community Day
Foothill Middle Foothills (special Education)
Foothills Middle Ford Boulevard Elementary
Forty-Ninth Street Elementary Forty-Second Street Elementary
Foshay Learning Center (k-12) Foster (james) Elementary
Foster (stephen) Elementary Foster Elementary
Foster Elementary Foster Road Elementary
Fourth Street Elementary Francis (john H.) Polytechnic
Franklin (benjamin) Elementary Franklin (benjamin) Senior Hig
Franklin Avenue Elementary Franklin Elementary
Franklin Elementary Franklin Middle
Freeman (daniel) Elementary Fremont (john C.) Elementary
Fremont (john C.) Senior High Fremont Elementary
Fremont Elementary Fremont Elementary
Fremont Middle Fries Avenue Elementary
Frontier High (cont.) Frost (robert) Middle
Fullbright Avenue Elementary Fulton (robert) Middle
Furgeson (venn W.) Elementary Gabrielino High
Gage (henry T.) Middle Gahr (richard) High
Gaines (wesley) Elementary Gallatin Elementary
Ganesha Senior High Gant Elementary
Garden Grove Elementary Gardena Elementary
Gardena Senior High Gardenhill Elementary
Gardner Street Elementary Garey Senior High
Garfield (james A.) Senior High Garfield Elementary
Garfield Elementary Garfield Elementary
Garvanza Elementary Garvey (richard) Intermediate
Gascon (joseph A.) Elementary Gates Street Elementary
Gauldin Elementary Gault Street Elementary
Geddes (ernest R.) Elementary Germain Street Elementary
Giano Intermediate Gibson (daisy) Elementary
Gidley Elementary Gladstone Elementary
Gladstone High Gladstone Street Elementary
Glassell Park Elementary Glazier (anna M.) Elementary
Gledhill Street Elementary Glen Alta Elementary
Glen Oak Elementary Glendale Senior High
Glendora High Glenelder Elementary
Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary Glenn (john H.) High
Glenoaks Elementary Glenwood Elementary
Goddard Middle Golden Poppy
Golden Springs Elementary Gompers (samuel) Middle
Gompers Elementary Gonsalves (joe A.) Elementary
Gorman Elementary Gorman Middle
Graham Elementary Granada Elementary
Granada Elementary Granada Hills Charter High
Granada Middle Grand View Boulevard Elementar
Grand View Elementary Grandview Elementary
Grandview Middle Grant (ulysses S.) Senior High
Grant Elementary Grant Elementary
Grant Elementary Grape Street Elementary
Gratts (evelyn Thurman) Elementary Grazide Elementary
Green (william) Elementary Greenwood Elementary
Grey (zane) Continuation Gridley Street Elementary
Griffin Avenue Elementary Griffith (david Wark) Middle
Griffith Joyner (florence) Elementary Griffiths Middle
Grovecenter Elementary Gulf Avenue Elementary
Hacienda LA Puente Community Day Haddon Avenue Elementary
Hale (george Ellery) Middle Halldale Elementary
Hamasaki (morris K) Elementary Hamilton (alexander) Senior HI
Hamilton Elementary Hamilton Middle
Hamlin Street Elementary Hammel Street Elementary
Hancock Park Elementary Harbor City Elementary
Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy Harding Street Elementary
Hargitt (cora) Middle Harrison Elementary
Harrison Street Elementary Hart (william S.) Senior High
Hart Street Elementary Harte (bret) Elementary
Harte (bret) Prepatory Intermediate Harte Elementary
Haskell (pliny Fisk) Middle Haskell Elementary
Hawaiian Avenue Elementary Hawaiian Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary Hawthorne High
Hawthorne Mathematics And Science Academy Hawthorne Middle
Haynes Elementary Hazeltine Avenue Elementary
Hearns (henry) Charter Heath (margaret) Elementary
Heliotrope Avenue Elementary Helmers (charles) Elementary
Henry (patrick) Middle Henry Elementary
Hermosa Valley Elementary Hermosa View Elementary
Herrick Avenue Elementary Hickory Elementary
High Desert Highland Elementary
Highland High Highland Oaks Elementary
Highland Park Continuation Highlands Elementary
Hill Middle Hillcrest Drive Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary Hillcrest High (cont.)
Hillside Elementary Hillview Middle
Hillview Middle Hobart Boulevard Elementary
Hodge (victor F.) Elementary Holland (jerry D.) Middle
Hollenbeck Middle Hollencrest Middle
Hollingworth Elementary Holly Avenue Elementary
Hollydale Elementary Hollywood Senior High
Holmes (oliver Wendell) Middle Holmes Avenue Elementary
Holmes Elementary Hooper Avenue Elementary
Hoover (herbert) Senior High Hoover (lou Henry) Elementary
Hoover Middle Hoover Street Elementary
Hope (john) Continuation Horace Mann Elementary
Howe (linwood E.) Elementary Hubbard Street Elementary
Hudnall (claude) Elementary Hudson Elementary
Huerta (dolores) Elementary Hughes (teresa) Elementary
Hughes Middle Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Element
Hugo Reid Elementary Hull (j. H.) Middle
Humphreys Avenue Elementary Huntington Drive Elementary
Huntington Middle Huntington Park Senior High
Hurley Elementary Hutchinson (arlie F.) Middle
Hyde Park Blvd. Elementary Imagine Academy Charter
Imperial Elementary Independence Continuation
Independence Elementary Independence High (alter.)
Indian Hills Continuation High Indian Springs Continuation
Inglewood High Inglewood Preparatory Academy Charter School
International Elementary International Polytechnic High
Irving (washington) Middle Ivanhoe Elementary
J. Marion Roynon Elementary Jackson (lydia) Elementary
Jackson Elementary Janson (mildred B.) Elementary
Jefferson (thomas) Elementary Jefferson (thomas) Elementary
Jefferson (thomas) Elementary Jefferson (thomas) Senior High
Jefferson Elementary Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elementary Jefferson Intermediate
Jefferson Leadership Academies Jefferson Middle
Jefferson Street Jellick Elementary
Jersey Avenue Elementary Jewel City Community Day
Johnson (dorothy V.) Opportunity High Johnston (d. D.) Elementary
Jones (charles D.) Junior High Jordan (david Starr) Middle
Jordan (david Starr) Senior HI Jordan Elementary
Jordan High Joshua Elementary
Joshua Hills Elementary Juarez (benito) Elementary
Julian (don) Elementary Juniper Intermediate
Justice Street Elementary Juvenile Hall/Community
Keller Elementary Kellogg Polytechnic Elementary
Kelly Elementary Kelso (william H.) Elementary
Kenmore Elementary Kennedy (john F.) Elementary
Kennedy (john F.) High Kennedy (robert F.) Elementary
Kennedy (robert F.) Elementary Kenter Canyon Elementary (char)
Kentwood Elementary Keppel (mark) Elementary
Keppel (mark) Elementary Kester Avenue Elementary
Kettering Elementary Killian Elementary
Kindergarten Learning Academy King (martin Luther) Elementar
King (martin Luther Jr) Elementary King (thomas Starr) Middle
King Elementary King/Drew Medical Magnet High
Kingsley Elementary Kipp Academy Of Opportunity
Kipp Los Angeles College Preparatory Kirk Douglas Continuation
Kittridge Street Elementary Knollwood Elementary
Kornblum Elementary Kranz (charles T.) Intermediat
Kwis Elementary L.a. County High School For The Arts
LA Ballona Elementary LA Canada Elementary
LA Canada High LA Colima Elementary
LA Crescenta Elementary LA Fetra Elementary
LA Merced Elementary LA Merced Intermediate
LA Mesa Jr. High LA Mirada High
LA Pluma Elementary LA Primaria Elementary
LA Puente High LA Rosa Elementary
LA Salle Avenue Elementary LA Seda Elementary
LA Serna High LA Tijera Elementary
Lafayette Elementary Lafayette Park Primary Center
Laguna Nueva Elementary Lake Center Elementary
Lake Los Angeles Elementary Lake Marie Elementary
Lakeland Elementary Lakeside Middle
Lakeview Elementary Lakewood Elementary
Lakewood High Lampton (loretta) Elementary
Lanai Road Elementary Lancaster High
Lane (robert Hill) Elementary Lane (warren) Elementary
Langdon Avenue Elementary Lankershim Elementary
Lanterman (frank D.) (mh) Lark Ellen Elementary
Las Flores Elementary Las Palmas Intermediate
Lassalette Elementary Lassen Elementary
Latona Avenue Elementary Laurel Elementary
Laurel Elementary Laurel Street Elementary
Laverne Heights Elementary Lawndale High
Lawrence (ernest) Middle LE Conte (joseph) Middle
Leal (frank C.) Elementary Leapwood Avenue Elementary
Learning Post High (alter.) Lee (charles H.) Elementary
Lee Elementary Leffingwell Elementary.
Legore Elementary Leichman (diane S.) Special ED Center
Leland Street Elementary Lemay Street Elementary
Lennox Mathematics Science & Technology Academy Lennox Middle
Leona Valley Elementary Leonis (miguel) Continuation
Leuzinger High Lewis (ed C.)elementary
Lewis (robert H.) Continuation Lexington Elementary
Liberty Boulevard Elementary Lifeline Education Charter School
Liggett Street Elementary Lillian Street Elementary
Limerick Avenue Elementary Lincoln (abraham) Elementary
Lincoln (abraham) Elementary Lincoln (abraham) Senior High
Lincoln Elementary Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Elementary Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Middle Linda Verde Elementary
Linda Vista Elementary Lindbergh Elementary
Lindbergh Middle Lindero Canyon Middle
Lindstrom (esther) Elementary Littlerock High
Live Oak Elementary Lloyde (r. K.) High (cont.)
Locke (alain Leroy) Senior Hig Lockhurst Drive Elementary
Lockwood Avenue Elementary Logan Street Elementary
Lokrantz (sven) Special Ed. Center Loma Alta Elementary
Loma Elementary Loma Vista Elementary
Loma Vista Elementary Lomita Fundamental Center Elementary
London (jack) Continuation Lone Hill Middle
Longden Elementary Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Elementary Longfellow Elementary
Longfellow Elementary Longfellow Elementary
Longley Way Elementary Lorbeer Middle
Lorena Street Elementary Loreto Street Elementary
Lorne Street Elementary Los Alisos Middle
Los Altos Elementary Los Altos Elementary
Los Altos High Los Amigos
Los Angeles Academy Middle Los Angeles Center For Enriched Studies
Los Angeles Elementary Los Angeles Leadership Academy
Los Angeles Senior High Los Angeles Unified Alternative Education
Los Cerritos Elementary Los Cerritos Elementary
Los Coyotes Middle Los Feliz Elementary
Los Molinos Elementary Los Nietos Middle
Los Robles Academy Lowell Elementary
Lowman (charles Leroy) Special Ed. Center Loyola Village Elementary
Lugo Elementary Lull (fred E.) Special Ed. Center
Lunada Bay Elementary Lupin Hill Elementary
Lynn (bert M.) Middle Lynwood High
Lynwood Middle Macarthur Elementary
Macarthur Park Primary Center Maclay (charles) Middle
Maclay Primary Center Macy Intermediate
Madison (james) Middle Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary Madison Elementary
Madison Elementary Madrid (alfred S.) Middle
Madrona Middle Magee (lawrence T.) Elementary
Magnolia Avenue Elementary Magnolia Elementary
Magnolia Park (special Ed) Magnolia Science Academy
Magruder (philip) Middle Main Street Elementary
Malabar Street Elementary Malibu High
Manchester Avenue Elementary Manhattan Beach Middle
Manhattan Place Elementary Mann (horace) Elementary
Mann (horace) Junior High Mann Elementary
Manual Arts Senior High Manzanita Elementary
Manzanita Elementary Maple Hill Elementary
Mar Vista Elementary Marengo Elementary
Marguerita Elementary Marianna Avenue Elementary
Marina Del Rey Middle Mariposa Elementary
Mark Keppel High Mark Twain Middle
Markham (edwin) Middle Marlton
Marquez Avenue Elementary (char) Marshall (john) Elementary
Marshall (john) Middle Marshall (john) Senior High
Marshall (thurgood) Marshall Fundamental
Marshall Middle Marshall(john) Elementary
Marvin Elementary Maxson Elementary
Maxwell Elementary Mayall Street Elementary
Mayberry Street Elementary Mayfair High
Mayflower Elementary Mayo Elementary
Mcalister (harold) High (opportunity) Mcbride (james J.) Special Ed. Center
Mckibben (howard J.) Elementary Mckinley
Mckinley (william) Elementary Mckinley Avenue Elementary
Mckinley Elementary Mckinley Elementary
Mckinley Elementary Mckinley Elementary
Mcnair (ronald E.) Elementary Meadow Green Elementary
Meadowlark Elementary Meadows Avenue Elementary
Meadows Elementary Melbourne (ella P.) Elementary
Meller (mary E.) Elementary Melrose Avenue Elementary
Melvin Avenue Elementary Mendoza Elementary
Menlo Avenue Elementary Merced Elementary
Merlinda Elementary Merwin Elementary
Mesa Elementary Mesa Intermediate
Mesa Robles Elementary Mesquite Elementary
Metropolitan Continuation Meyler Street Elementary
Micheltorena Street Elementary Mid City Magnet
Middle College High (alternative) Middleton Street Elementary
Miles Avenue Elementary Mill Elementary
Miller (grace) Elementary Miller (joaquin) Elementary
Miller (joaquin) High (ohohi) Miller (loren) Elementary
Millikan (robert A.) Middle Millikan Senior High
Mint Canyon Community Elementary Mira Catalina Elementary
Mira Costa High Miraleste Intermediate
Miraleste Kindergarten Miramonte Elementary
Miramonte Elementary Mission Continuation
Mitchell (billy) Elementary Mitchell Community Elementary
Moffett Elementary Moffitt (thomas B.) Elementary
Mokler (major Lynn) Elementary Moneta Continuation
Monlux (john B.) Elementary Monroe (albert F.) Junior High
Monroe (james) High Monroe Elementary
Monroe Elementary Monrovia High
Montague Street Elem. (char) Montara Avenue Elementary
Monte Vista Elementary Monte Vista Elementary
Monte Vista Elementary Monte Vista Elementary
Monte Vista Middle Monte Vista Street Elementary
Montebello Community Day Montebello Gardens Elementary
Montebello High Montebello Intermediate
Montebello Park Elementary Montemalaga Elementary
Monterey Continuation Monterey High (cont.)
Monterey Highlands Elementary Monterey Hills Elementary
Monterey Vista Elementary Montvue Elementary
Moreno High (cont.) Morningside Elementary
Morningside High Morrison (julia B.) Elementary
Mountain Avenue Elementary Mountain Park
Mountain View Elementary Mountain View Elementary
Mountain View Elementary Mountain View High
Mountainview Elementary Mt. Gleason Middle
Mt. Lukens Continuation Mt. Olive Alternative Education
Mt. Vernon Middle Mt. Washington Elementary
Muir (john) Elementary Muir (john) Elementary
Muir (john) Middle Muir (john) Middle
Muir Elementary Muir High
Mulberry Elementary Mulhall Elementary
Mulholland (william) Middle Multicultural Learning Center
Multnomah Street Elementary Murchison Street Elementary
Murphy Ranch Elementary Murray (clifford D.) Elementar
Muscatel Middle Napa Street Elementary
Naples Elementary Narbonne (nathaniel) Senior HI
Nelles (fred C.) High Nelson (ada S.) Elementary
Nelson Elementary Nestle Avenue Elementary
Nevada Avenue Elementary Nevin Avenue Elementary
New Academy Of Science & Arts Charter School New City
New Lexington Elementary New River Elementary
New Temple (elem) New Vista Middle
New West Charter Middle Newcastle Elementary
Newcomb Elementary Newhall Elementary
Newmark (harris) Continuation Newton Middle
Niemes (john H.) Elementary Nightingale (florence) Middle
Ninety-Eighth Street Elementar Ninety-Fifth Street Elementary
Ninety-Ninth Street Elementary Ninety-Second Street Elementar
Ninety-Sixth Street Elementary Ninety-Third Street Elementary
Ninth Street Elementary Nixon (patricia) Elementary
Nobel (alfred Bernhard) Middle Noble Avenue Elementary
Nogales High Normandie Avenue Elementary
Normont Elementary North High
North Hollywood Senior High North Park Continuation High
North Park Elementary North Park Middle
North Ranchito Elementary Northam Elementary
Northlake Hills Elememtary School Northridge Middle
Northrop (jack) Elementary Northrup (william) Elementary
Northview High Northview Intermediate
Northwest Community Day Norwalk High
Norwood Elementary Norwood Street Elementary
Noyes Elementary Nueva Vista Continuation High
Nueva Vista Elementary Nuffer (john H.) Elementary
O'melveny Elementary Oak Avenue Intermediate
Oak Hills Elementary Oak Knoll Alternative
Oak Mesa Elementary Oak Park High
Oak Street Elementary Oak Tree Learning Center (oppor)
Oakmont Elementary Obregon (eugene A.) Elementary
Ocean View Elementary Ocotillo Elementary
Odyssey Charter Odyssey Continuation
Old Orchard Elementary Old River Elementary
Olive Middle Olive Vista Middle
Olympic High (cont.) One Hundred Eight-Sixth St. Elementary
One Hundred Eighteenth Street One Hundred Fifty-Sixth St. Elementary
One Hundred Fifty-Third Street One Hundred Ninth Street Elementary
One Hundred Seventh Street Elementary One Hundred Sixteenth Street Elementary
One Hundred Thirty-Fifth Street Elem. One Hundred Twelfth Street Elementary
One Hundred Twenty-Second Street Elem. Open Charter Magnet
Opportunities For Learning Opportunities For Learning - Baldwin Park
Opportunities For Learning-Hacienda LA Puente Opportunities For Learning-Santa Clarita
Options For Youth - San Gabriel Inc. Options For Youth - Upland Charter
Options For Youth-Burbank Charter Orange Avenue (elem)
Orange Grove Elementary Orange Grove Middle
Orangewood Elementary Orchard Dale Elementary
Orr (william W.) Elementary Oscar Dela Hoya Animo Charter High School
Osceola Street Elementary Oswalt (stanley G.) Elementary
Overland Avenue Elementary Owens (jessie) Community Day School
Owensmouth Continuation Oxnard Street Elementary
Pace (lynn L.) Elementary Pacific Boulevard Special Ed. Center
Pacific Elementary Pacific Learning Center Charter
Pacifica Community Charter Pacoima Charter Elementary
Pacoima Middle Paddison Elementary
Palisades Charter Elementary Palisades Charter High
Palm Crest Elementary Palm Elementary
Palm Tree Hill Elementary Palmdale High
Palmdale Learning Plaza Palms Elementary
Palms Elementary Palms Middle
Palomares Middle Palos Verdes High
Palos Verdes Intermediate Palos Verdes Peninsula High
Pantera Elementary School Para Los Ninos Charter School
Paradise Canyon Elementary Paramount Continuation High School
Paramount Elementary Paramount High
Paramount High School Academy Paramount Park (elem)
Paramount Unified Community Day Parent (frank D.) Elementary
Park Avenue Elementary Park Elementary
Park View Middle Park West High (cont.)
Park Western Place Elementary Parkman (francis) Middle
Parks/Huerta Primary Center Parkview Elementary
Parmelee Avenue Elementary Parras (nick G.) Middle
Parthenia Street Elementary Pasadena High
Paseo Del Rey Fundamental Pathway High
Patton (george S.) Continuatio Payne (buelah) Elementary
Payne (willard F.) Elementary Peachland Avenue Elementary
Pearblossom Elementary Peary (robert E.) Middle
Pennekamp (aurelia) Elementary Perez (alphonso B.) Special Ed. Center
Phelan (daniel) Elementary Philadelphia Elementary
Phoenix Continuation Phoenix High Community Day
Pico Canyon Elementary Pinetree Community Elementary
Pinewood Avenue Elementary Pio Pico Elementary
Pio Pico Elementary Pioneer High
Piute Middle Placerita Junior High
Plainview Avenue Elementary Plasencia (betty) Elementary
Playa Del Rey Elementary Pleasant View Elementary
Plum Canyon Elementary Plummer Elementary
Plymouth Elementary Point Dume Elementary
Point Fermin Elementary Point Vicente Elementary
Politi (leo) Elementary Polytechnic High
Pomelo Drive Elementary Pomona Alternative (pas)
Pomona Senior High Porter (george K.) Middle
Potrero Elementary Potrero Heights Elementary
Powell (colin L.) Academy For Success Powell (w. R.) Elementary
Prairie Vista Middle President Avenue Elementary
Price Elementary Primary Academy For Success
Prisk Elementary Progressive Education Entrepreneurial Charter Scho
Promise Academy Providencia Elementary
Pueblo DE Los Angeles Continua Pueblo School
Puente Charter School Puente Hills High (alter.)
Purche Avenue Elementary Pyle (ernie) Elementary
Quail Summit Elementary Quail Valley Elementary
Quartz Hill Elementary Quartz Hill High
Queen Anne Place Elementary R. Rex Parris High School
Ramona Elementary Ramona Elementary
Ramona Elementary Ramona Elementary
Ramona Middle Ramona Opportunity High
Ranch Hills Elementary Ranchito Avenue Elementary
Rancho Del Mar High (cont.) Rancho Learning Center (alter.)
Rancho Los Amigos Hospital Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary
Rancho Vista Elementary Rancho Vista Elementary
Rancho-Starbuck Intermediate ( Ranger High (alter.)
Raymond Avenue Elementary Redondo High
Redondo Shores High (cont.) Reed (walter) Middle
Reid Senior High (cont.) Renaissance Arts Academy
Renaissance Career Academy Repetto Elementary
Reseda Elementary Reseda Senior High
Revere (paul) Middle (char) Rice (eldridge) Elementary
Richard L. Graves Middle School Richard Riordan Primary Center
Richardson (edward J.) Middle Richland Avenue Elementary
Richmond Street Elementary Ridgecrest Intermediate
Riley (thomas) High (alter.) Riley Elementary
Rincon Intermediate Rio Hondo Elementary
Rio Hondo Elementary Rio Norte Junior High School
Rio San Gabriel Elementary Rio Vista Elementary
Rio Vista Elementary Rio Vista Elementary
Rio Vista Elementary Ritter Elementary
Rivera Elementary Rivera Middle
Riverside Drive Elementary Riviera Elementary
Robinson (0pal) Elementary Robinson (jackie) Elementary
Rockdale Elementary Rodia (simon) Continuation
Rogers (will) Continuation Rogers (will) Elementary
Rogers (will) Elementary Rogers (will) Middle
Rogers Middle Roosevelt (f.d.) Elementary
Roosevelt (theodore) Elementary Roosevelt (theodore) Middle
Roosevelt (theodore) Senior High Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary Roosevelt Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary Roosevelt Middle
Rorimer Elementary Roscoe Elementary
Roscomare Road Elementary Rose City High (cont.)
Rosecrans Elementary Rosedell Elementary
Rosemead High Rosemont Avenue Elementary
Rosemont Middle Rosewood Avenue Elementary
Rosewood Park Elementary Ross (faye) Middle
Round Meadow Elementary Rowan Avenue Elementary
Rowland (john A.) High Rowland Avenue Elementary
Rowland Elementary Rowland Unified Community Day
Royal Oak Intermediate Royal Oaks Elementary
Russell Elementary Salazar (ruben) Continuation
Salvin (sophia T.) Special Ed. Center San Antonio Continuation
San Antonio Elementary San Antonio Elementary
San Antonio High (cont.) San Dimas High
San Fernando Elementary San Fernando Middle
San Fernando Senior High San Gabriel Avenue Elementary
San Gabriel High San Jose Elementary
San Jose Street Elementary San Jose-Edison Charter
San Marino High San Miguel Elementary
San Pascual Avenue Elementary San Pedro Senior High
San Pedro Street Elementary San Rafael Elementary
Sanchez (arturo) Elementary Sanchez (george I.) Elementary
Sandburg Middle Santa Clarita Elementary
Santa FE Elementary Santa FE High
Santa FE Middle Santa Monica Alternative (k-8)
Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter Santa Monica High
Santana High (cont.) Saticoy Elementary
Saturn Street Elementary Saugus High
Savannah Academy (grade 9) Savannah Elementary
Schurr High Scott Avenue Elementary
Seaside Elementary Second Street Elementary
Selby Grove Elementary Select Community Day
Sellers Elementary Sellery (c. Morley) Special Ed. Center
Selma Avenue Elementary Sepulveda (francisco) Middle
Serrania Avenue Elementary Seventh Street Elementary
Seventy-Fifth Street Elementary Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary
Shadow Hills Intermediate Shadybend Elementary
Sharp Avenue Elementary Shelyn Elementary
Shenandoah Street Elementary Sheridan Street Elementary
Sherman Oaks Ctr. For Enriched Studes Sherman Oaks Elementary
Shery (kurt T.) High (cont.) Shirley Avenue Elementary
Shirpser Elementary Shively (dean L.) Elementary
Short Avenue Elementary Shuey (emma W.) Elementary
Shull (arma J.) Elementary Sierra Elementary
Sierra High (cont.) Sierra Madre Elementary
Sierra Park Elementary Sierra Vista Elementary
Sierra Vista High Sierra Vista High (alter.)
Sierra Vista Intermediate Sierra Vista Junior High
Sierra Vista Junior High Sierra Vista Middle
Signal Hill Elementary Silver Spur Elementary
Simons Middle Sixth Avenue Elementary
Sixty-Eighth Street Elementary Sixty-First Street Elementary
Sixty-Sixth Street Elementary Skyblue Mesa Elementary
Slauson Intermediate Solano Avenue Elementary
Soleado Elementary Soledad Enrichment Action (charter)
Somerset Continuation High Sorensen (christian) Elementary
Soto Street Elementary South EL Monte High
South Gate Middle South Gate Senior High
South High South Hills High
South Park Elementary South Pasadena Middle
South Pasadena Senior High South Pointe Middle
South Ranchito Elementary South Shores/Csudh Visual & Performing Arts
Southern Community Day Southwest Community Day
Sparks Elementary Sparks Middle
Special Education Stagg Street Elementary
Stanford Avenue Elementary Stanford Middle
Stanton Elementary State Street Elementary
Stella Middle Charter Academy Stephens Middle
Sterry (nora) Elementary Stevenson (r.l.) Elementary
Stevenson (robert Louis) Middle Stevenson Elementary
Stevenson Ranch Elementary Stonehurst Avenue Elementary
Stoner Avenue Elementary Stoney Point Continuation
Stowers (cecil B.) Elementary Strathern Street Elementary
Studebaker Elementary Sulphur Springs Community Elementary
Sumac Elementary Summerwind Elementary
Sumner Elementary Sun Valley Middle
Sundown Elementary Sunkist Elementary
Sunland Elementary Sunny Brae Avenue Elementary
Sunnydale Elementary Sunrise Elementary
Sunset Elementary Sunset Orthopedic Handicapped
Superior Street Elementary Sussman (edward A.) Middle
Sutherland Elementary Sutter (john A.) Middle
Sutter Elementary Suva Elementary
Suva Intermediate Suzanne Middle
Sycamore Elementary Sylmar Elementary
Sylmar Senior High Sylvan Park Elementary
Taft (william Howard) Senior H Tamarisk Elementary
Taper Avenue Elementary Tarzana Elementary
Telechron Elementary Telfair Avenue Elementary
Temescal Canyon Continuation Temple (roger W.) Intermediate
Temple Academy Temple City Alternative
Temple City Comm. Learning Ctr (cont.) Temple City High
Tenth Street Elementary Tetzlaff (martin B.) Middle
The Guidance Charter The School Of Arts And Enterprise
Third Street Elementary Thirty-Second St. Usc Performing Arts
Thompson (byron E.) Thompson Elementary (oh)
Thoreau (henry David) Continua Tibby Elementary
Tierra Bonita North Elementary Tierra Bonita South Elementary
Tincher Elementary Todays Fresh Start School
Toland Way Elementary Toll (eleanor J.) Middle H
Toluca Lake Elementary Topanga Learn-Charter Elementary
Topeka Drive Elementary Torch Middle
Torrance Elementary Torrance High
Towers Elementary Towne Avenue Elementary
Tracy (wilbur) High (cont.) Tracy Elementary
Traweek Intermediate Tri-C Community Day
Tri-C Community Day Trinity Street Elementary
Truth (sojourner) Continuation Tubman (harriet) Cont. High
Tucker Elementary Tulita Elementary
Tulsa Street Elementary Tumbleweed Elementary
Twain (mark) Elementary Twain (mark) Elementary
Twain Elementary Tweedy Elementary
Twentieth Street Elementary Twenty-Eighth Street Elementar
Twenty-Fourth Street Elementary Twin Lakes Elementary
Two Harbors Elementary Two Hundred Thirty-Second Place
Union Avenue Elementary University Senior High
Unsworth Elementary Utah Street Elementary
Vail High (cont.) Valencia Elementary
Valencia Elementary Valencia High
Valencia Valley Elementary Valentine Elementary
Valerio Primary Center Valerio Street Elementary
Valinda School Of Academics Valle Lindo Continuation High
Valley Alternative High (cont.) Valley Community Charter
Valley Magnet Valley View Elementary
Valley View Elementary Valley View Elementary
Valley View Elementary Valley View Elementary
Valleydale Elementary Van Deene Avenue Elementary
Van Gogh Street Elementary Van Ness Avenue Elementary
Van Nuys Elementary Van Nuys Middle
Van Nuys Senior High Vanalden Avenue Elementary
Vanguard Learning Center Vanwig (j. E.) Elementary
Vasquez High Vaughn Next Century Learning Center
Vejar Elementary Vejar Elementary
Vena Avenue Elementary Venice Senior High
Verdugo Academy Verdugo Hills Senior High
Verdugo Woodlands Elementary Vermont Avenue Elementary
Vernon City Elementary Victor Elementary
Victoria Avenue Elementary Victory Boulevard Elementary
View Park Continuation View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter
View Park Preparatory Accelerated High School View Park Preparatory Accelerated Middle
Villacorta Elementary Village Academy High School @ Indian Hill
Vine Elementary Vine Street Elementary
Vinedale Elementary Vineland Elementary
Vintage Street Fundamental Virgil Middle
Virginia Road Elementary Vista (alternative)
Vista Del Valle Elementary Vista Grande Elementary
Vista High (continuation) Vista San Gabriel Elementary
Voorhis (jerry) Elementary Wadsworth Avenue Elementary
Waite (nettie L.) Middle Walgrove Avenue Elementary
Walker (joe) Middle Walnut Elementary
Walnut Elementary Walnut High
Walnut Park Elementary Walteria Elementary
Walton Middle Ward Elementary
Warner Avenue Elementary Warren High
Washington (george) Elementary Washington (george) Elementary
Washington (george) Preparatory High Washington Accelerated Elementary
Washington Elementary Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary Washington Elementary
Washington Elementary Washington Middle
Washington Middle Watts Learning Center (charter)
Webster (daniel) Middle Webster Elementary
Webster Elementary Webster Elementary
Wedgeworth Elementary Weemes (lenicia B.) Elementary
Weigand Avenue Elementary Welby Way Elementary
Wescove Elementary West Athens Elementary
West Covina High West High
West Hollywood Elementary West Hollywood Opportunity
West Middle West Valley Special Ed. Center
West Vernon Avenue Elementary West Whittier Elementary
West Wind Elementary Westchester Senior High
Western Avenue Elementary Westhoff (leonard B.) Elementary
Westminster Avenue Elementary Westmont Elementary
Westport Heights Elementary Westside Leadership Magnet
Westwood Elementary Whaley Middle
Whitcomb Continuation High White (r. D.) Elementary
White (stephen M.) Middle White House Primary Center
White Oak Elementary White Point Elementary
Whitman Continuation Whitney (gretchen) High
Whittier Elementary Whittier High
Widney (joseph Pomeroy) High Wilbur Avenue Elementary
Wilcox Elementary Wild Rose Elementary
Wildflower Elementary Wiley Canyon Elementary
Wilkerson Elementary Willard (frances E.) Elementary
Willard (frances) Elementary Willard Elementary
Willard Elementary Willenberg (ernest P.) Special Ed. Center
William J. Pete Knight High William Jefferson Clinton
Williams (craig) Elementary Williams (dan T.) Elementary
Williams Elementary Williams Elementary
Williams Elementary Willow Elementary
Willow Elementary Willow Elementary
Willowbrook Middle Wilmington Middle
Wilmington Park Elementary Wilshire Crest Elementary
Wilson (glen A.) High Wilson (woodrow) Middle
Wilson (woodrow) Senior High Wilson Elementary
Wilson Elementary Wilson High
Wilson Middle Wilsona Achievement Academy
Wilsona Elementary Wilton Place Elementary
Windsor Hills Math Sci Elem. Wing Lane Elementary
Winnetka Avenue Elementary Winter Gardens Elementary
Wirtz (harry) Elementary Wittmann (helen) Elementary
Wonderland Avenue Elementary Wood (howard) Elementary
Woodcrest Elementary Woodlake Avenue Elementary
Woodland Hills Elementary Woodlawn Avenue Elementary
Woodruff (frank E.) Elementary Woodworth (clyde) Elementary
Workman (william) High Workman Avenue Elementary
Workman Elementary Worthington Elementary
Wright (arthur E.) Middle Wright (orville) Middle
Wright Elementary Ybarra Elementary
Yellen Learning Center Yerba Buena Elementary
Ynez Elementary Yorba Elementary
Yorbita Elementary York Elementary
Yorkdale Elementary Young (whitney) Continuation
Youth Opportunities Unlimited Yucca Elementary
Yukon Elementary Zela Davis Elementary